FC-20 Egregore

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FC-20 Egregore


Type: Aerial Mobile Weapons Platform
Place of origin: Ft. Kezan

Date In service: experimental
Operators: Shireroth Shireroth
Number produced: 2
Number in Service: 1

Designed: 1700 AN
Manufacturer: Kezan Floating Cargo Manufacturers (IDB-4)

Propulsion: Gravimetric Drive
Maximum Altitude:
Complement: 6 (1 Commander, 1 Driver, 4 Gunners)
  • 4 × 12.7mm HMG
  • 4 × 20mm Autocannon
  • 2 × AGM-84 Harpoons in box launcher

The FC-20 Egregore is an experimental aerial mobile weapons platform, designed to develop concepts in a gunship equipped with a gravimetric drive, capable of performing airstrikes or close-in air support and fielding anti-air countermeasures. Field experimentation has been limited to within controlled areas of the Hawshire Free State. On 19.IV.1703, Test Vehicle 1 crashed near Urban Enclave Iftarr, the result of a live-fire test after being stripped down and refitted with a light howitzer in order to study the flight dynamics.

Additional iterations of the Egregore design were constructed and tested during the 00s, assigned the design codes FC-21, FC-22, and FC-23. These served as the basis for a new platform, the FC-25 Mastema, which was slated for shakedown and trials in the early 1710s.