FC-15 Stoat

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FC-15 Stoat

Type: Compact Armored Fighting Vehicle
Place of origin: Irenaea, Duchy of the Guttuli

In service: 1703
Used by:

Shireroth Shireroth

Designed: 1694
Manufacturer: Kezan Floating Cargo Manufacturers

Weight: 2.75t
Length: 3.55m
Width: 1.82m

Propulsion Gravimetric Drive
Power Pack Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Speed: 300km
Range: 70km/h

Crew: 2 (1 Commander/Gunner, 1 Driver)
Main armament: 20mm Autocannon or 40mm Grenade Launcher or Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
Rate of fire: 1,000rpm

The Stoat is an all-terrain, compact, gravimetric-drive armored fighting vehicle designed by Kezan Floating Cargo Manufacturers. It is designed for easy transportation to the engagement zone and provide infantry support, including direct fire, armored reconnaissance, and, if properly configured, limited tank destroyer capability. The chassis is made of steel armor and can resist small arms ammunition and shell splinters. To compensate for its low weight, the Stoat has active suspension on its skids and is able to touch down quickly in order to gain extra traction when firing.