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Kingdom of Examplestan
Official language Examplestani
Capital Examplegrad
Largest cities Exampleburg
Number of citizens 0
Number of active citizens 0
Date founded July 4, 2007
Government constitutional examplerchy
Current leader examplarch
Currency exampledollar
National animal Example Bear
National fruit/food Example Grapefruit
National drink Example Soda
Map versions 4+i.0.0 - present

Examplestan (officially the Kingdom of Examplestan) is a small constitutional examplarchy famed for its devotion to serving as an example for MCS projects. Examplestanis are proud to be a model for others, and travellers will find it a welcoming place and a good way to learn about wiki format.


Examplestan was founded in 2040 ASC when Count Examplesor rebelled against his home country of Lovely. After a series of coups in the 2090s ASC, annexation by Matbaa in 2602 followed by independence in 2701, and an infestation of bats in 2716, it is now perfectly peaceful.


Examplestan is bounded in the east by the Example Mountains, on the south and west by the Sea of Examples, and to the north by the Republic of Qwertyuiop. It is dominated by the Example Plains, a warm and pleasant steppe where Examplestani nomads raise their generic cattle. The most prominent watercourse is the Example River, around which most of the population congregates. It has its source high in the Example Mountains, and flows two hundred forty miles to its mouth near Examplegrad.

To the east, the foothills of the Example Mountains are covered with vast pine forests, home to the deadly but beautiful Example Bear. However, these forests are quickly being cut down because of building projects near the capital, and the Example Bear is now considered endangered.

Examplestan's three provinces are East Examplestan, West Examplestan, and Even Further West Examplestan. Its four main cities are Examplegrad, Exampleburg, Exampleopolis, and New Example City.


  • Most travellers to Examplestan arrive via the Example T. Exampleson International Airport in Examplegrad. Those who wish to journey overland will have to brave the freezing and dangerous pass through the Example Mountains, patrolled by fierce and hostile Examplobugi tribesmen.
  • Examplestan can also be reached by sea. Cruises from cities like Lindstrom City, Musica, and Willow often stop in Examplegrad harbor for a few days; contact your local cruise operator for details.
  • Inside Examplestan, the best way to get around is by flying monkey. Flying monkeys can be rented for around ten exampledollars a day, sometimes less in the big cities.

Famous Attractions

  • Examplestan's most famous attraction is Exampleburg Castle, "The Eighth Wonder of the Micronational World". Built by Count Examplesor to defend against zombies, it has a pinnacle of solid gold, and stands taller than the tallest treetops. It can be reached by bus from Exampleburg, and there is an admission fee of three exampledollars.
  • If you're looking to relax, go to Examplegrad Beach, where you can see traditional Examplestani hula dancing and jellyfish wrestling.
  • No visit toExamplestan would be complete without seeing the Example Festival, which takes place from July 4 to July 9 to celebrate the first time Examplestan was used as an example. Be warned that hotels in Examplegrad will fill up quickly during this period.

Famous Produce

  • Examplestani cuisine is considered some of the worst on Micras, and generally consists entirely of Spam. If you have to try it, the Examplestani Diner in Examplegrad is no worse than anywhere else.
  • Travellers looking for fine Examplestani souveniers can get mugs with pictures of Count Examplesor on them from the local shop.

Cultural Tips

  • In Examplestan, it is considered mortally rude to wear socks. Be sure to take off all socks, especially when going into temples, cathedrals, or jellyfish wrestling matches.
  • The local language is Examplestani. "Hello" is "gwbzrglwd"; it's considered polite to greet everyone you see with a friendly "gwbzrglwd", especially if they are older than you are.
  • The local religion is Example-ism. When visiting Exampleist holy places, you should always stand on one foot instead of walking normally; the locals believe that the god Examplicus has only one foot and gets angry and jealous when people walk on two feet in his temples. If you are an Exampleist, be sure to check out the religion's most holy pilgrimage site, St. Example's Cathedral.