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Official language Dutch
Capital Grootburg
Largest cities Europa
Website Dragonsland website
Forum Dragonsland forums
Number of citizens 9
Number of active citizens 5
Date founded April 5, 2010
Government Dictatorship
Current leader LON Seth
Currency /
National fruit/food /
National drink /
Map versions 14.1.9-current

Dragonsland or Drakenland is a micronation in the Dutch sector, founded in 2010. The MCS map refers to it as Drakenland, but its government uses Dragonsland as an official translation on its website.


According to its most recent constitution, all power is vested for an indefinite time in the hands of Seth, the Leader of Our Nation (Leider Onzer Natie or LON for short). Only when the LON dies, power reverts to the nation - only in order to elect a new LON within two months.


Dragonsland was founded on April 5, 2010 by Andreas, Seth and Leis, and run by the three of them together. Six days later, the country became a democracy, with one of the members of the triumvirate being elected to the position of LON, in order to have someone with a final vote in case of disputes. However, democracy was soon to be found a burder on the development of the nation, and on June 16th the period labeled "Perfect Democracy" the current dictatorship was installed, with the intention of overcoming the nation's growing pains and being to revert to democracy as soon as possible. However, only a few days later, public activity of Dragonsland seems to have ceased.


Dragonsland is entirely situated on the Island of Antarctis, compromising the western half of it. The nations' claim was approved by the MCS, after being initially rejected (in a larger form) because of its lack of development. The LON responded to this initial rejection by advancing the launch of a national facebookgroup. Grootburg is the capital, and, as far as known, the only inhabited city. Europa remains as an historic and dilipated relic of the CIS. Currently, an ambitious project called the Ice Road (de IJsweg) is being constructed. It is intended to be a road on the permanent ice, linking even the most remote parts of the country with the navigable waters of the North.


Dragonsland is a socially conservative nation: marriage is defined as being between man and wife, abortion is prohibited (unless with the approval of the LON), nudity (incl. the showing of female breasts) is forbidden. Public displays of homosexuality are not allowed. Speaking any language other than Dutch is a criminal offense in Dragonsland, except when conversing with foreign visitors.


The Drakian Armed Forces consist of the Regular Armed Forces(composed of the Army, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coastal Guard, the Secred Police and the Secret Services) and the People's Army, in which every citizen between the ages of 18 and 55 has to serve one day a week.


Dragonsland's economy is entirely run by the state, with the exception of a bar called De Scheven Uil. Companies owned by the state include the newspaper De Dragoon and the CNEO (Centre for Nuclear Exploitation and Research)