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Donald II

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King Donald II was king of the Kingdom of 's Koningenwaarde.

He obtained the kingship after Alfred II died without sons. Donald II himself had no children and was married to a supposedly insane woman, Frieda van Heukelum. All this made him not very popular with the people. Donald II then abolished the Salian Law, which prohibited women from sitting on the throne. He wanted to help Maria Civilis, the daughter of his brother, the deceased King Alfred II, to the throne. However, Maria was murdered by opponents of this change of law. Thus, for the first time in the kingdom, the right to the throne was really under discussion. A branch of House of Civilis claimed the right to the throne and also the House of Windsor, the house of the Dukes of Dietsland, was all too keen to sit on the throne of the kingdom.

The whole affair led to the First War of Succession and, ludicrously, was waged without Donald II having said a single word about who should succeed him. The First War of Succession, in which Donald II's troops did not even participate, ended in a kind of draw between the House of Windsor and two tributaries of the House of Civilis, all three of whom went home with their tails between their legs and made little claim to the throne afterwards. The unrest gave Donald II the opportunity to put an end to the uncertainty and appointed his only relative of the next generation, his niece Anna van Heukelum, the daughter of his wife's brother, as successor.