Dæmonic Census

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Dæmonic Census

The Dæmonic Census is a list of all the known Dæmons of Balgurd past and present.


Mur (Chthonic Goddess)
Obitus: Known as a powerful Dæmon who waged a small war against mortal man in ancient times. Though eventually defeated in a horribly bloody battle; upon his death, those that bested him and turned them all into vampires.

Major Dæmons

Loki: Bringer of Chaos and Mischief, falsely attributed as a god for many centuries.
The Vanic Entity, Molester of Dragons, Shifter of Bodies, and Master of Gratuitously Long Titles: A daemon that occupied the White Orchid Throne for a period of eighteen years disguised as a member of the Storrish royal family. The Elwynnese do not like to talk about it.

Lesser Dæmons


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