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Czaciskie Palace

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Front of the Czaciskie Palace

The Czaciskie Palace is a monarchical residential palace in the city of Vatakan, intended to be the living space of the monarch of the city and their family (currently Free Princess Katarzyna Zamoyski and Prince Consort Piotr Zamoyski-Holsetz). The palace is allegedly designed in the spirit of Babkhan architecture.

The palace is outfitted with amenities designed to serve as both a luxurious dwelling for the monarch as well as a display of wealth in accordance with the ongoing Vatakan plan to increase tourism for economic stability. The palace is mainly private, but it features a public grand hall which allows tourists to see the opulence of the palace. The palace also has a helipad with a connected dining hall and meeting room, to host foreign state visits. The palace is also connected to an underground maglev train system that is connected to many large and famous structures in Vatakan, which allows the royal family discrete access to many major areas of the city without travelling publicly.