Crab Plague

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The Crab Plague, also called Vanic herpes, was a disease that spread and devastated the populations of the Arminian successor states, including the Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth, Lac Glacei, and several states controlled by foreign powers; Balduvien, Anglien, Jutien, Eesdeheito, and Saksenlant. The plague reached its peak around 2437 ASC and caused the collapse of most Arminian civilization. The plague began in Stormark and was spread by pirate raiders from Norsmandy. Norsmen raiders were often wont to steal Storish women from their homes and take them away as wives. Rape was, along with the pillaging, also a common practice. As the uninhibited sexual encounters increased, the plague spread from one port to another. The lack of modern hygienic practices and sanitation further curbed efforts to control the disease. Only Stormark itself, whose loose traditions made their people mostly immune, was able to survive the devastation. It would be another six-hundred years before the area began to resettled by Gralus. Thankfully by then modern medicine and sanitary practices had relegated the disease to the status of a minor inconvenience.