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Confederate Parliament

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Confederate Parliament
Confederate Parliament 1679.png
Founded 1455
Seats 150
Political groups

Government (123)

  •      Confederate United (89)
  •      Workers' Party (34)

Opposition (27)

  •      Conservative Party (13)
  •      Confederate Nationalist Alliance (5)
  •      Rithenberg Party (3)
  •      Unaffiliated (6)
Voting system
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
Next election
Meeting place
Factorum Centrum

The Confederate Parliament is the unicameral legislature of the Ciric Confederacy. It was established in 1455 AN following the unification and founding of the confederacy as a united body, and, after the tenure of an interim government, held its first national elections in 1457. Since then, it has held elections every three years without fail.


The parliament has the following representations following the 1679 elections:

Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
Confederate United Akaro Magav Unitarianism, futurism, liberalism Blue
89 / 150
Workers' Party Henry Kett Democracy, socialism, workers' rights Maroon
34 / 150
Conservative Party Yan Suyen Conservatism, regionalism, corporatism Orange
13 / 150
Confederate National Alliance Agnes Jónsdotter Nationalism, unitarianism, authoritarianism Yellow
5 / 150
Rithenberg Party Maj. Rodak Rithenberg Militarism, totalitarianism, nationalism Purple
3 / 150
Unaffiliated N/A N/A Grey
6 / 150