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Flag of Caronia

Subdivision type: Canton
Capital: Couronne
Population: 903,774
Largest Cities: Couronne

Local Leadership Title: Deputy
Local Government: Grand Council
Current leader: Karina Angelova

Local language: Lac Glaceian (official)
Local Religion: The Alpine Temple

Caronia is a canton of the Grand Duchy of Lac Glacei. It is the smallest canton by population and is a recent addition the grand duchy.


Originally the southern corner of the Republic of Garonia, the region was variously owned by Eesdeheito, Great Kesh and several other nations. The Garonians are distant relatives of the Keshian tribes that inhabit much of the grasslands beyond the Glacei Mountains. Over the centuries the name gradually changed to Caronia, most likely due to language influences from Lac Glacei. The modern Caronians, like their Keshian cousins, are a pastoral people who were traditionally nomadic but have, due to outside cultural influences, since formed static settlements. Nonetheless they maintain a strong agrarian society, and Caronia is one of the top producers of wheat and other grains for the grand duchy.