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Senya Badminton Senya
Founded 2012
Headquarters Svorgas

Badminton Senya is the national governing body for the sport of badminton in Senya. It aims to govern, encourage and develop the sport throughout Senya.

Despite badminton being a fairly niche sport on the international stage and the large popularity in Senya of team sports such as football, ice hockey, rugby and handball, badminton has gained popularity in Senya largely as a social sport that can be played between friends, colleagues and classmates after work on evenings during the weekday. Badminton courts are readily available at sports centres, with most also providing coaching and in-house competitions.


Badminton Senya maintains the rulebook for Badminton within the country, and licenses courts, coaches and some competitions.


Unlike other sports in Senya, badminton isn't considered a professional sport, but rather a leisure activity that is enjoyed by a larger number of people. With that said some competitions do exist.

The most prominent example is the Senyan Badminton Trophy, which is held annually. Held annually, competitors qualify from regional and specialist competitions, with the final 1024 participants meeting up for a tournament that is held over a three day period in the summer. The tournament is broadcast live on television, but most players are amateurs.

Regional competitions exist, typically comprising of winners of the various in-house competitions run by local leisure centres and badminton courts. These serve as qualifying tournaments for the Senyan Badminton Trophy. Furthermore, competitions also exist for school children and university students, who compete in their own championships, though sometimes these may also qualify participants for regional and the main national tournaments.