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Scientific Name: Magnabestus Capillatus
Nicknames: The Big One


Physical Description

Body Type: four-legged
Maximum Size: up to 4 meters (shoulder height)
Colouration: Hair colour ranges from light brown to grey

Biological Information

Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: Aeronesian Archipelago
Discovery Date: 12th century AN
Locale: plains, grasslands
Related Species: various proboscidea
Threat: Animawrs are known to attack small farming communities

The Animawr is a large land mammal of the family Magnabestae. The Animawr has four legs, an arched back and a sizable head with a flexible trunk. In addition the Animawr has two massive tusks, which may be used as deadly weapons of attack, and is fully covered with hair. The Animawr is a native of the Aeronesian Archipelago, although it has been threatened with extinction in the last century. Animawrs live together in small bands of 10 to 15 members, all belonging to the same family. As of late 1690, some twenty bands are known to exist, most of them in the Kilkelly national park. The Animawr is potentially related to the Giid-Lisea-Eda which is a native of Corum.


The common name Animawr is a contraction of the Calbic words "anifail" and "mawr" and means "big animal".


Calbion's most successful ice hockey team, the Llysthur Animawrs, take their name from the mighty creature.