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Acra is a Kezanese-built megastructure and city from which Kezan governs the Hawshire Free State. Northwest by North of the largest city, Hawshire, Acra is an integrated structure built several levels into the bedrock and organized into six sectors. It is connected to the second Kezanese-built city in Hawshire, Port Munix, via a utility and rail trunk.

Acra is powered by six Deep Energy reactors, whose electrical output regularly exceeds the demands of Acra and Munix. The indigenous settlements of the Hawshire Free State bid against one another for shares of this electrical excess, as fossil fuel power are banned junder the Kezanese regime and domestic renewable energy technology remains underdeveloped.

Perimeter Defense

Acra's built up area is enclosed within a circular perimeter wall, behind which anti-air defense platforms are concealed. Additional, outward-directed gun emplacements are concealed behind the perimeter wall's plating. Beyond the perimeter wall, the surrounding territory has been flattened and cleared of any structures. Along the outer perimeter, low-visibility pillboxes and remote-controlled sensor masts allow for round-the-clock monitoring of the surrounding area. Persons found wandering too close to the outer perimeter are often greeted by a detachment from the Sea Battalions before they are able to reach it.

Acra One

Acra One Tower

The most obvious feature of the Acra skyline is Acra One, a 116-story steel skyscraper which houses the free state's administrative offices and higher-ranking residences. Its 11-story podium, which fills much of the remainder of the First Sector's above-ground footprint, is a reinforced concrete fortified structure which houses the bulk of the Kezan Sea Battalions' air assets and other static defense emplacements.