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1683 Drak-Modani elections to the RPPA

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Elections across Drak-Modan to the Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly were held from XI.1683 to XII.1683. These were the first Drak-Modani elections to the Raspur Pact's legislative–advisory body.

Drak-Modan elected 33 delegates. For the purposes of this election, a nation-wise party preference vote was held among the parties that currently held seat in The Fury. 27 of Drak-Modan's delegates were thus assigned proportionally according to the results of the national vote. 3 delegates were each appointed by the Grand Chancellor and Supreme Judge. The election was held over the same span of time as the 1683 Drak-Modani Fury elections and results were similar. National parties coalesced into left and ring wing blocs. All six appointed delegates belong to the left/center BSRA party.

National Results

Party Abbr. Seats Change
Bagelcratican-Solidarity Raspur Alliance BSRA 14 elected
6 appointed
Modani People's Union & Benacia for Benacians N&H 13 n/a