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Zylenisí Sovereign Base Area
Zylen (gn)
—  Dependency of Imperial State of Constancia  —


Location within western Keltia
Nation Constancia Constancia
Established 7 March 2017
Capital Mirran
 • Military Governor Name
 • Total 9,791 km2 (3,780 sq mi)
Population (2018)
 • Total 20,176
 • Density 2.06/km2 (5.3/sq mi)
Demonym Zylenian

Zylenisí (Gerenian: Zylen) is a Constancian dependency located in the Skerry Isles in the Sea of Storms. It was located south of Voorpost and west of Lostisland.

Zylenia was founded in 2017 (AN date pending) in the island of the same name and was incorporated to Gerenia as a dependency under direct control of the government. The island had a Governor appointed by the President. The Governor for the greater portion of the island's time under Gerenian rule was Diren Birnat.

Zylenia, as well as Piraf across the Captive Sea served as naval stations to support and protect the ships that navigated from mainland Gerenia to Gerenian South Keltia.

Constancian Sovereignty

After the collapse of Gerenia, the island was infested by Raskol cannibals until its liberation by a passing allied expeditionary force, one conducting a freedom of navigation exercise between Talenore and the Hoennese island of Niijima in the year 1671 AN. Afterwards a new colonial administration, this time Constancian in origin and allegiance, was established on the island - which was rechristened as Zylenisí.