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Zone 14

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Zone 14 is a designated special research area in Northern Kasterburg, which is the site of several factories and test facilities. The area was established in 1661, and greatly expanded following the retreat from the East, after which research facilities around Litkov had to be dismanteled. The Kasterburger government operates Zone 14 together with the Iron Company.

The exact aims of the facilities in Zone 14 are unclear, as the Kasterburger government refuses to publish any information. Second hand information on what goes on in the Zone includes the following:

  • Nuclear energy production
  • Biological research
  • Extensive farming, genetic modification
  • Pharmaceutical industry and testing
  • The Zwaard-der-Wrake programme

Accusations and controversy

Ever since it first transpired that the Kasterburger government was conducting biological and chemical research, it has been the subject of controversy. One often heard criticism is that the Kasterburgers are developing weapons of mass destruction, that are both dangerous to world stability and to country itself. In 1665, two journalists attempted to break into the facility and were subsequently shot by Weermacht guards. Magistrate Reginald de Montfort justified the killings and called the guards "heroes who defended the security of our nation".

Another frequently heard accusation is that the government makes use of Nezeni to experiment on. Under the racial classifications that are generally used in Kasterburg, the Nezeni have the status of Onderburger. The Kasterburger government has always denied these claims.