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The wealthiest and most ancient Passasian city, Zidado West is the crown jewel of the region of Pallisica. Originally established in 2823 ASC, the city served as the administrative center of the secessionist movement which toppled Northman in the late 2990s. Since then, Zidado West has served as the Passasian capital throughout the majority of the nation’s history. Despite this, the city has fallen on a number of occasions, most recently following the collapse of the Zidado Kingdom in 4083 ASC. Following that event, the city was reestablished by the Kingdom of Hamland, in 4140 ASC.

Today Zidado West is home to a handful of very wealthy businesses, among them Zidado Game and the Pallisican Cartography Society, though the Passasian Regional Government is the city’s largest employer, followed by the Passasian War League. Housed in The Commons Hall in Seemsy Castle, the PRG employs roughly 3/4 of the city’s residents. When one leaves the city, however, one finds that the majority of people are employed in a variety of more traditional roles, including ranching, hunting, trapping, and fishing. Outside of Zimia, the Passasian War League keeps its largest contingency of troops in Zidado West. It is not unusual to see soldiers on patrol at all times of the day, throughout the province.

Dotting the landscape around Zidado West, ruins tell the tale of Passas’ long history in the region. Doubtless the most famous of these ruins, Exhibition of Kings serves as a reminder of the nation’s strong military tradition. While many people are attracted to the city and its surrounding villages for the historical artifacts, countless others come to explore the marshlands around Lucien’s Well, which sits between Zidado West and the North Zidado Society. The natural beauty of he province has long made it a tourist destination. In fact, it is believed that it is the region’s beauty which inspired the Confederacy of Gralus to lay claim to the territory following the fall of the First Republic.

North of Zidado West, one finds the fishing communities of New Cannassas and West Rodina. The former is home to a large population of nymphs who’s ancestors migrated to the region from Cannassas following the onset of the civil war which destroyed the First Republic. The latter is home to a sect of Neo-Pallisicans who are known to practice ritualistic burning of ancient texts. The two communities, New Cannassas and West Rodina, enjoy a very bitter rivalry which has been known to take lives. This rivalry has long been a source of political instability in the local government. Population (760 WG): 763,570