Yaärl Kahthajtensen FC

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Yaärl Kahthajtensen
Full name Yaärl Kahthajtensen Futból Clób
Nickname(s) YK
Founded 2004
Ground Ämo Arenä
(capacity: 15,000)
League CrFA League 2
Yaärl Kahthajtensen FC kit.png

Yaärl Kahthajtensen FC is a Craitish football club based in the town of Kahthajtensen, which competes in CrFA League 3. The club's stadium is Ämo Arenä.


Yaärl Kahthajtensen were created in 2004 and became a founder member of the Non-League for its first season. After eight seasons in the Non-League, the club was promoted to CrFA League 3 in 2013. The club became the first to be promoted via play-off in 2019.