Xinshi Emperor

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Xinshi Emperor
Xinshi emperor.png
Full name Houdezaiwu of Erasmus
AKA Sisera
Physical information
Species Human
Race Jingdaoese
Gender Female
Hair color and style Black hair
Eye color Jingdaoese Ink Blue
Skin color Light
Biographical information
Father Chidao Emperor
Mother Song Chidao
Date of birth 1679 AN (age: 19)
Place of birth Daocheng, Zhijin Province
Date of death /
Residence(s) Heavenly Palace, Zhijin Province
Nationality Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s) Imperial Household
Occupation Heir apparent to the Imperial Throne

The Xinshi Emperor, or Houdezaiwu, is the heir apparent to the Jingdaoese imperial throne. She was born in 1679 AN as the daughter of the Chidao Emperor and former imperial steward Song Chidao and has three younger siblings. The name Xinshi (Istvanistani: New life) Emperor is derived from the belief that she is a reincarnation of the Ci Emperor. Her given name Houdezaiwu means With great virtue one can take charge of the world in Istvanistani. Privately she is called Sisera.

Preceded by:
Chidao Emperor
Head of State of Jingdao
Succeeded by