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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Primarily Xhusor. Also significant presence in Krasnarus as refugees.
Krasnarus 1,607,047
Jingdao 1,300,000
Florian Free State 50,000
Jingdaoese, Istvanistani, Šlovedk
Predominately Tianchaodao, minority Sunni Islam and Roman Catholicism

Xhusorians are a regional group of ethnic Jingdaoese native to the nation of the Empire of Hondon and Florian Xhusor, with a significant refugee diaspora in Krasnarus.


They mainly originate from the east-western regions of the Jingdaoese Empire, having migrated to the area that is now Xhusor when it was under Jingdaoese control. Xhusorians migrated there mainly due to poverty, overpopulation and wide-open spaces, but this vision was largely cancelled out when 2.6 million persons headed to the new territory. After this, still others, mostly from the business and upper classes, migrated as bureaucrats for government purposes. After Jingdao lost control of the region, Xhusor was in anarchy until Flora formally made its claim to Micras in 2017, which included Xhusor.

Xhusor Liberation Army

The Xhusor Liberation Army, commonly abbreviated as the XLA, was a large terrorist organisation which initially formed over ethnic Jingdaoese discontent over Florian rule and policies. The group fought for the secession of the region from the Florian Republic. Its leader and founder, Zhu Cheng, was renowned for his large-casualty operations. The XLA is famous for the mass hacking of Florian government computer systems which occurred on the July 14, 2017. Also on that day they illegally blocked any access into the region disrupting trade with neighbours Jingdao. They also took over government buildings in the region and has threatened to declare war on the government. After these attacks, the organisation was designated as a terrorist organisation. Before the joint Jingdao-Flora-Coria liberation operation in August, there were 2,100,000 supporters of the terrorist group, and 3,000,000 residents of Xhusor in total. It is estimated that 1.2 million died in the operation, due to the air forces virtually flattening the entire region, and 300,000 left for Krasnarus, the government of whom condemned the joint operation for its ridiculous death toll, and offered Xhusorian migrants financial aid for moving to Krasnarus, and affordable housing or other clothing, food and bedding upon their arrival.


According to the 2017 Krasnarusyn census, there were 313,485 Xhusovan citizens, and 261,958 Xhusorians in the second generation. These two groups combined are around 1.3% of the overall population of the country. They have a special status in census data, and are considered the only and largest Xhusorian diaspora on Micras. In 2017, Xhusorians had an average individual income of Cr7,890. While some Xhusorians have become part of the "Other/Not specified" minority business class, most (483,948 persons or 84.1%) of self-identified ethnic Xhusorians and citizens of Xhusovo are below the national poverty line.

Notable Diaspora populations


  1. Elbijun (277,636 citizens, 236,090 second-generation)
  2. Silvensku (25,749 citizens, 19,243 second-generation)
  3. Phedodah (10,100 citizens, 6,405 second-generation)
  4. Paribian Isles (5,149 citizens, 220 second-generation)