Xhusor independence referendum

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Xhusor independence referendum
30th September 2017
Option Remain Leave
Popular Vote (%) 50% 50%
Count 449,999 450,001

The Government of Xhusor has set an referendum on Xhurion independence for 30th September 2017. This referendum was called for on 2nd September 2017 and was approved by the Florian Parliament a week before the proposed referendum. Approval was delayed due to the Florian General Election, 2017. Florians have generally disapproved the referendum as they believe it will affect the country's territorial integrity and they are also scared that Florians currently living in Xhusor will be affected. On 24th September 2017, six days before the referendum, 1,000 Florian Armed troops were sent in an attempt to stop the referendum from happening. The results were extremely close and the count had to be recounted twice. Only one vote made the difference and the result is that Xhusor will secede from the Florian Republic.

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The Xhurion Government has announced that the referendum will be held on the 30th September 2017.

Eligibility to vote

The following people were entitled to vote in the referendum:

  • Xhurions who are 18 or over on voting day are eligible to vote.
  • Florians living in Xhusor are also allowed to vote but must be granted special permission by the Florian Government.
  • Xhurions living abroad are also eligible and like Florians living in Xhusor, they must be granted special permission by the Florian Government.

International Reactions

Coria Kingdom of Coria

  • The King of Coria released a statement on 23rd September 2017, stating that the referendum is unacceptable and that Xhusor already made a wrong decision by making various terrorist attacks to promote their independence.

Vyktory Vyktory

  • Vkytorian Prime Minister, Megyn Kelly released a statement saying that Vyktory will recognize any and all MCS members as and when they become independent sovereign nations, but will not interfere in the democratic independence process of regions and territories becoming independent of their current sovereign borders. Thus, Vyktory has no opinion on the matter of Xhusor at this time.

Shireroth Shireroth

  • In a Shirerothian newspaper. It stated that Shireroth supported the sending of the Florian Troops on 24th September 2017, it also stated that they supported the suppression of Jingdaoese peoples wherever they may be found.

Shireroth Passio-Corum

Kalgachia Kalgachia

  • The Kalgachi Directorate of the Tumultuous Wastes issued a statement on 25th September 2017, blaming the government of the Florian Republic for creating the conditions for the "shock tactics and barbarism" of the Xhusor Liberation Army, and for further excacerbating the situation with its anti-referendum troop deployment, suggesting that this may be an intentional act by elements of the Florian "deep state" and "military-industrial complex" who stand "to gain immensely in wealth and influence as a result of the Xhusor conflict's continuation", although the possibility of simple incompetence by the Florian administration was also acknowledged.