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Xhusor Liberation Army

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Xhusor Liberation Army
Participant in War of Lost Brothers
(Florian Front)
Xhusor flag.png
The Xhusor Liberation Army logo
Active 1650 AN
Ideology "Justice and Harmony": Hondonese liberation, socialism, worker rights
Leaders Zhu Cheng
Headquarters Blyth
Area of operations Florian Free State
Size 43,685
Allies Apollonia Command

The Xhusor Liberation Army (XLA) is a patriotic defence group located the Florian Free State following their exile from the cultural region of Xhusor, also known as Hondon, in western Florian Republic prior to its occupation by the Jingdaoese in the aftermath of the War of Lost Brothers.

When originally established the movement desired the separation of the region from the Florian Republic, however its objectives have changed with the tides of war passing over their homeland, and now the aspiration is for the restoration of that autonomy which was suppressed by the Jingdaoese.

The movement remains under the leadership of its founder, the enigmatic Zhu Cheng. The XLA gained notoriety for the mass hacking of government computer systems which occurred on 13.VII.1650 AN. Also on that day they illegally blocked any access into the region disrupting trade with neighbours Jingdao. They also took over government buildings in the region and has threatened to declare war on the government. After these attacks, the organisation was designated as a terrorist organisation by the Florian Government.

The XLA currently comprises of 43,685 supporters who have been enduring exile in the Florian Free State since the War of Lost Brothers. The XLA also shelters amongst its ranks members of the Xianfa Loyalists Battalion of the Nokarodo Faction, whose commitment to a free and democratic Apollonia places them at odds with the ruling dynasty in Daocheng and necessitates their exile.

Many of the fighters enrolled in the ranks of the XLA are second or third generation descendants of the original XLA fighters for whom Blyth in the Florian Free State is the only home they have ever known. One of the primary sources of income for the exile XLA comes in the form of lump sum payments made by the Joint Military Council of the Raspur Pact for the service the XLA renders as auxiliaries in the Caraman Banner Group of Apollonia Command. Veterans of the XLA have also been recruited by the Honourable Company for special duties, usually pertaining to corporate security for industrial archaeology missions dispatched into the "Green", the ungoverned spaces of the continent's interior.

A building destroyed by the XLA