Xang Siaedng

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Xang Siaedng
Industry Beverages
Founded 2016
Headquarters Pa Wat, Xang Muang
Products Energy drinks

Xang Siaedng (Lao: ຊ້າງ ສີແດງ /saːŋ˥˦ siː˩˩˦.dɛːŋ˧/; lit. "red elephant") is a soft drinks company based in Xang Muang which is most well-known for its eponymous energy drink.


Xang Siaedng is the principal sponsor of Xang Muang's premier football tournament, the X-League, and also owns a large stake in one of the league's clubs.


Xang Siaedng has courted attention in foreign markets for its advertising campaigns. Regularly branded outside of Xang Muang under the initialised name XS, for ease of pronunciation, marketing materials suggesting that customers "Drink 2 XS" every day have occasionally been censored by authorities for being too similar to advising people to "drink to excess".