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Xäiville Convention

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The Xäiville Convention (sometimes abbreviated to XC) is a treaty signed in November 2020 that formalises free-movement of people between Craitland, Hurmu, Mercury, Sankt Ludwigshafen, Senya, the South Sea Islands and Tellia.

Craitland, Mercury, Senya, and Tellia were the original signatories. Hurmu became the fifth signatory on 16 November 2020, after their application was ratified by the existing Convention signatories. The South Sea Islands has since applied, sponsored by Hurmu, and acceded 1 April 2021, followed by Sankt Ludwigshafen, who were sponsored by Craitland, joining on 17 December 2021.


The Xäiville Convention came about by a desire by the founding signatories to forge both closer relations and to formalise their visa free travel arrangements. Craitland, Mercury, Senya and Tellia all share similar qualities, in being advanced highly developed democracies that are noted (with the exception of perhaps Tellia) for their peaceful and stable histories and for largely abstaining from involvement in Micras' various conflicts.

In contrast with the Raspur Pact and the USSO, the Xäiville Convention is not a military or defence union, with member states instead encouraged to maintain a peaceful rapport with the rest of Micras. All five current member nations have outstanding reputations across Micras for their stability and friendliness.


The Treaty sets out the following conditions that signatories agree to adhere to:

  • Unlimited visa-free travel between signatory nations
  • Protection against prohibited or restricted persons from entering a signatory nation
  • Conditions for new signatory nations to be admitted
  • Conditions of neutrality, signatories are not required to enter conflicts on other signatories' behalf
  • Free movement of workers, products and services with the following exceptions:
    • agricultural products and foods
    • livestock, other animals, plants and seeds (to allow nations to protect their own fragile ecosystems)
    • medicines
    • weapons, ammunition, explosives
    • services or positions that are restricted to citizens or companies registered in the country for national security reasons

Admission of new members

Nations wishing to be admitted into the Convention must satisfy the existing signatories that they are not seen to be hostile by any MCS member nation.


Name Accession Accession (AN) Notes
Craitland Craitland 1 November 2020 1.I.1690 Founding member
Hurmu Hurmu 16 November 2020 1.VIII.1690 Accession
Mercury Mercury 1 November 2020 1.I.1690 Founding member
Sankt Ludwigshafen Sankt Ludwigshafen 17 December 2021 23.IX.1703 Accession
Senya Senya 1 November 2020 1.I.1690 Founding member
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands 1 April 2021 1.I.1695 Accession
Tellia Tellia 1 November 2020 1.I.1690 Founding member

Possible future signatories

Name Status Notes
International Mandate International Mandate Vetoed Sponsored by Senya, seen as hostile by Calbion and therefore vetoed
Nova England Nova England Not under active consideration Sponsorship by Mercury withdrawn