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Xäiville Teflons
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League 1
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Xäiville Teflons FC is a Craitish football club based in the city of Xäiville, which competes in CrFA League 1. The manager is Hjaņ Óma-ó-Täó and the club's stadium is the Xäiville City Arenä.


Xäiville Teflons were created in 2002 and became a founder member of CrFA League 1 for its first season. The club has traditionally been underachievers, having finished bottom of CrFA League 1 on four occasions, although recent results have seen the team's fortunes improve.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Craitland GK Serge F'ermo
2 Hurmu DF Ari Illola
3 Craitland DF Morgaņ Ĵaärgo
4 Nova English Korea DF Lee Nook-San
5 Alexandria MF Javier Santos
6 Craitland DF Dhi F'aĵmek
7 Craitland FW Rasólio Gheorghesen
8 Craitland MF Jón F'achh (c)
9 Kyrovistan FW Kristian Jentzsch
10 Craitland FW Ĵulian O'Neale
11 Craitland MF Jan Mortensen
12 Craitland MF Ben Viĵoa
13 Craitland GK Morteņ K'aĵräk
No. Position Player
14 Craitland MF Mat Loresen-F'achh
16 Craitland FW Juliaĵ Zóma-ó-Täó
17 Interland DF Krzysztof Łukasz
18 Craitland DF Paul Hjansen
19 Craitland DF Dave Jonmikeltsen
20 Tellia DF Valérien Hertz
21 Nova England FW Alex Kiker
22 Valencia GK Daniel Palazio
23 Tellia MF Elario Campisano
24 Alexandria MF Antoine Bodmer
25 Tellia MF Frederico Diamo

Notable former players