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Whales Auxiliary Force

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Whales Auxiliary Force
Active 1704 AN
Country Whales (Western Natopia)
Allegiance Prince of Whales
Type Demesnal Defence Force
Role Combined Arms Force
Size 14,332 personnel
Garrison/HQ Mandible Hill
Brigadier Frederik Anders the Younger

The Whales Auxiliary Force (WAF) is the demesnal defence force of the Principality of Whales, tasked with fulfilling the obligations of the demesne with regards to defence and security under the Caprine Code and the Constitution of Whales. Established by decree on 24.VI.1704 AN, the WAF replaced previous ad hoc and unofficial defence arrangements. The purpose of the WAF therefore is to defend the territorial integrity of Whales against incursions from the Green and also to patrol and protect the territorial waters and airspace of the Principality. The WAF would also serve as an auxiliary force available to the Natopian Defense Force and Natopian Security Forces elements deployed to Cibola under the command of the Continental Theatre Command of the Raspur Pact.


Military Household

The Prince of Whales, residing in Walstadt, serves as commander-in-chief of the WAF, where he is served by a military household, established within his primary official residence, comprised of an adjutant with the rank of colonel, eight junior officers serving as his aides-de-camp, and twelve non-commissioned officers serving as his batmen. The civilian staff of his military household includes an eight-man close protection detail provided by the Security Directorate of the Honourable Company, a physician, and forty domestics (cooks, clerks, manservants, drivers).

General Headquarters

The General Headquarters (GHQ), headed by a Brigadier, is headquartered at Mandible Barracks in Walstadt. The Brigadier has responsibility for the day to day command and control of the WAF, and is supported in this by a Colonel serving as his Executive Officer.

Directly subordinate to GHQ at Mandible Barracks are the following units:

Military Districts

There are five military districts, corresponding to the provinces of Whales. These being:

Each military district is under the command of a Colonel, with a Lieutenant-Colonel as his Executive Officer. The Colonel, as Commandant of a military district, receives a commission from the Prince to generate within his area of responsibility:

  • 1x command and control regiment, under the command of the Executive Officer for the military district, comprising of the following assets:
  • 1x regiment of light infantry, under the command of a Lieutenant-Colonel, consisting of 120x command and control staff, 360x light infantry, 720x support troops, 80x Snatch Land Rovers & 30x light trucks.
  • 1x Logistics Depot, under the command of a Lieutenant-Colonel, consisting of 1,200x support troops and 60x light trucks.
  • 1x Naval Station, under a Lieutenant Commander ashore, consisting of 120x naval ratings and 1x harbour defence vessel.

Aerospace Support Service

The Aerospace Support Service, under the command of a Group Captain appointed directly by the Prince, consists of 1x Jackal-class Gravimetric gun-cutter donated by the Benacian Union, 6x Dingo-class shuttles leased from Dingo Exploration Corporation, 40x command and control personnel, 40x pilots and crew, and 120x groundcrew.

Maritime Support Service

Two Polar Star-class icebreakers were ordered from the Pontecorvo shipyards of Nouvelle Alexandrie during 1708 AN. Until such time as the icebreakers were delivered into the custody of the Whales Auxiliary Force, the obligations of the same with regards to maritime security operations were fulfilled by the SATCo Two Martyrs Whaling Fleet on a contracted basis.

The establishment of the Maritime Support Service in 1708 AN therefore consisted of a Naval Station in each military district with a corresponding coastline, under a Lieutenant Commander ashore, consisting of 120x naval ratings and 1x harbour defence vessel.

The four harbour defence vessels, being converted private motorboats armed with pintle-mounted light machine guns, were rated as suitable for in-shore patrol work in the absence of significant ice flows and accordingly to be brought onto the land and placed under cover during the long months of the southern hemisphere winter.