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Western Province

Proziu Västeres (gr)
Flag of West
Coat of Arms of West
Coat of Arms
Location of West
Established 14 August 2012
Capital Baraŷa
Largest cities Baraŷa, Eget
Demonym Western
 - Adjective Western
Governor Karl Sertate (SPG)
Area 74,250 km²
 - Ranked 4th
Population 285,552 (2017)
 - Ranked 8th
Density 3.85/km²
Abbreviation WS

West (Gerenian: Väster, pronunciation ['vez.tər]) is a province of Gerenia.

The Western Province borders Clements to the north, Sängeran to the east, Adarma to the south, and unclaimed territory to the west. Major settlements in the province include the capital, Baraŷa, Eget, and Zardevat.

Created in 2012, West lies on two hilly formations: the Sawes Plateau to the south, and the Króuvița Heights to the north. Small quantities of natural gas and minerals are extracted from the hills.