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Wechua people

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Flag of the Wechua people
Total population
~ 11-13 million
Regions with significant populations
Wechua Wechua 8,273,911
Alduria Alduria 1,232,122
Constancia Constancia 811,053
Natopia Natopia 481,199


the Common Tongue.

the Faith of Inti,

the Melusinian Faith.

The Wechua people may refer to any or all speakers of the Wechua languages, which originated among the indigenous people of central Keltia, mainly the area around Mount Lacara. Most Wechua speakers are native to the Wechua Nation, although there are some significant populations living in Alduria, Constancia, and Natopia.

The most common Wechua dialect is Lacara Wechu. The word for a Wechua speaker is runa or nuna ("person"); the plural is runakuna or nunakuna ("people"). Wechus living near the coasts of Southwest Keltia speak Coastal Wechu.

The ancestors of the Wechua people lived in the region for many centuries before becoming a subject people of the ancient nation of Attera. Over the centuries, as the hardships that followed the collapse of Attera grew, many Wechuas left for Hamland (later became Caputia).

Under Atteran rule, to ensure the Wechua could not rise against them, the Atteran Empire started transporting hundreds of thousands of Wechua to western Keltia, where they were ruled by the Vanderveer Reich and other nations. Western Wechuans have formed a distinctly different version of the old Wechua culture, called Coastal Wechu.



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