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Wechua general election, 1683

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Wechua general election of 1683
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All 301 seats to the Council of the Wechua Nation
151 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  VicaquiraoAlvarez.jpg Julia Noir.jpg
Leader Vicaquirao Alvarez Alberto Lopez de la Viña Julia Noir
Party Social Democrat Club Conservative and Royalist Coalition Alexandrian and Caputian Party
Leader's seat Rimarima San Francisco Aquimarca
Last election 200 39 29
Seats won 198 41 30
Seat change 2 2 1

Fourth party Fifth party
  Rawa Vilca.jpg Mamaq Pachari Cuya.jpg
Leader Rawa Vilca Mamaq Pachari Cuya
Party National & Humanist Union Communist Soviet of the Wechua Nation
Leader's seat Parap Apurimaq
Last election 31 2
Seats won 29 3
Seat change 2 1

Inkap Rantin before election

Vicaquirao Alvarez (SDC)

Subsequent Inkap Rantin

Vicaquirao Alvarez (SDC)

The Wechua general election of 1683 was the third general election in the Wechua Nation since the return of the Sapa Wechua Manco Cápac and the restoration of order and governance over the Wechua Nation. This is the 5th general election held in the Wechua Nation under the Wechua Constitution of 1663.

The election took place in the fourth month of 1683, to elect all 301 Royal Councillors in the Council of the Wechua Nation. The election was administered by the Wechua National Council for Elections (WNCE).

The election resulted in another Social Democrat win, though it lost two seats compared to the previous election. The Conservative and Royalist Coalition mounted a stronger campaign under its new leader, Alberto Lopez de la Viña, but was only able to gain two more seats. The Nationalist & Humanist Union lost its status as the third-largest party in the Council, dropping to 29 seats from 31. The Alexandrian and Caputian Party narrowly replaced the N&HU as third by winning 30 seats. The Communist Party of the Wechua Nation managed to win one seat at the expense of the Social Democrats.