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Wechu Exodus

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The Wechu Exodus occurred when more than 3,000,000 Wechua, 1,234,987 Caputians residing in the Wechua Nation a sizeable portion of the pre-collapse population of the country fled their homes, during the collapse of the Wechua Nation in 1668 AN.

The precise number of refugees, many of whom settled in refugee camps in Alduria and Raspur Pact nations like Natopia, Constancia and Ransenar is a matter of dispute but it is estimated that nearly half of the Wechua Nation’s pre-collapse population ended up fleeing to other nations.

The causes are also a subject of debate, but many agree that the collapse of the Wechua economy due to the White Plague and constant and heightened civil strife across all sectors of Wechua society. Factors involved in the exodus include regional policy decisions made by hostile neighbors like the Bassarid Empire, the destruction of key Wechua infrastructure, psychological warfare, and fears of a massacre by either militias and plunderers of the Green or regional rivals.

After the Restoration of the Sapa Wechua and the rise of a new Wechua Kingdom in 1673 AN, an aggressive policy by the restored government giving displaced Wechua citizens “a right of return” was pursued that saw the immigration of millions of displaced Wechua back to their home country. Alexandrians and Caputians were also given a “right to settle” in the newly restored Wechua nation in hopes of attracting any remaining Caputian assets, workers, and specialists to settle in the Wechua Nation.