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Wayne national football team

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Wayne Wayne
FMF member 2014–15
Confederation WMFA
Home stadium Liberty Stadium
FMF code FRW
First FMF intermicronational
Amokolia Amokolia 2–0 Wayne Wayne
Biggest win
Brettish Orient Brettish Orient 0–3 Wayne Wayne
Biggest defeat
Wayne Wayne 0–5 Batavia Batavia
Calbion Calbion 5–0 Wayne Wayne

The Wayne national football team was the football team which represented the Brettish autonomous territory of Wayne, and previously represented the independent nation of the same name. It was a member of the WMFA.


The team was founded in 2014 after Wayne's Micrasian claim was successful. Later in the year, Wayne was annexed by the Brettish Isles but maintained its separate FMF membership. In their first qualifiers the following year, the team finished bottom of their four-team group with a sole point to their name and were unable to score in any of their matches. In mid-2015, the team competed in the inaugural Lions Cup, where they finished third with seven points. Soon afterwards, Wayne left Micras after the territory was merged with Calbion during its secession from the Brettish Isles.

Chronological competitive participation



Wayne used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: