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Water crisis in Alduria

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The water crisis in Alduria is an acute drinking water supply crisis in the Republic of Alduria.

Freshwater resources and water supply

Water use

Water sector structure

Central Water Commission

Private sector

Key issues in the water sector

Urban and peri-urban water sector

Rural water sector

Degradation of water resources

Solutions and recommendations

International response

International organizations

  • MTO: A Mission to Assist the Republic of Alduria is passed unanimously by the General Assembly on July 1, 2019.

Individual nations

  • Alrig Alrig:
  • Constancia Constancia: The Constancian contribution comprised of a regiment of engineers drawn from the Home Guard. Headquartered on ESB premises in the port of Susa, the regiment's primary contribution was to advise on the construction of dew condensers in urban areas, the repair of Babkhan-era irrigation systems and the identification of promising sites for excavating bore holes to tap the vast Alkhivan aquifer. The mission had to overcome entrenched resistance on the part of Alduria's Alexandrian and Caputian civil engineers and hydrologists - wedded to the surface based water management strategies and wasteful economic practices of their ancestral homelands.
  • Elwynn Elwynn:
  • Natopia Natopia:
  • Los Liberados Los Liberados: The Milicia de Hierro, as well as the Iron Company, provide the aid convoys with naval protection and support on the High Seas

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