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WM-17 is a non-lethal chemical weapon developed by a joint team of Nova English Weapons scientists and a research team from New Zimian War League. The aim of the original project was to utilise the potent pheromones given off by the Asee-Lisea-Eda to create an agent that could be dispersed through various means to distract or cause confusion within the targeted area.

Development History

Leaked Photo from the Nova English Research Facility

Following the Kingdom of Nova England’s entry into the USSO Common Market, Nova English Weapons quickly took advantage of the access to foreign technologies and research. It was during one of their fact finding trips that a researcher stumbled across the strange Asee-Lisea-Eda. Quickly recognising the potential of the creature, Nova English Weapons negotiated with the New Zimian War League to establish a joint research team in a remote facility in Nova England.

During the research and development period, a number of creatures were shipped to Nova England in specially contained pods that stored the pheromones in tanks that could be safely dispersed in non-populated areas. Upon their arrival at the testing facilities, the creatures were bred and farmed for their potent pheromones which were tested on ‘volunteers’ taken from Nova English Convict Labour Camps.

The results of the testing have been kept censured from public release but a group of animal rights protesters that broke into a section of the facility. Leaked documents pertaining to initial tests on lone targets causing violent ‘lustful’ reactions from other subject introduced to the testing range.