Vyktoryan International Trade Fund

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Vyktoryan International Trade Fund
Founded 36.86 PSSC
Headquarters Jamestown, Vyktoryan Commonwealth
Products Brokerage

Established in the mid 30's PSSC, the Vyktoryan International Trade Fund represents all of the major companies based in the Vyktoryan Commonwealth.

Product Lists

Logo of N@G@.

Networking Appliances for Games and Applications Incorporated (d/b/a N@G@)

Manufacturer of internet connected devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and portable game consoles. IPs include N@G@ Store (app store), N@G@ Cosmos (smartphone brand), N@G@ Atos (smartwatch brand), Eternity OS (operating system) and N@G@ Play! (portable console). Majority owned by Marvin Harris, who founded the company as a startup.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Operating System (Eternity OS) 1.1/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Gaming Console (N@G@ Play!) 1.35/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Smartphone (Cosmos) 1.5/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Smartwatch (Atos) 1.25/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Logo of VykMotors.

Vyktoryan Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Corporation (d/b/a VykMotors)

Automobile manufactuer specialising in family cars, compact cars and SUVs. IPs include Darling (compact car), Trekker (SUV) and Prodigy (family car). Majority owned by the public, minor shareholders include the royal family.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Compact Car (Darling) 1/20 Shares Prices are Unchanging
SUV (Trekker) 1/50 Shares Prices are Unchanging
Family Car (Prodigy) 1/30 Shares Prices are Unchanging
Logo of Lion.

Lion Athletic Apparel Limited (d/b/a Lion)

Sporting apparel company, specialising in football kits, balls and boots. IPs include Fusion (sports shoes), Core (sports balls) and Zero (sports clothing). Majority owned by the public, minor shareholders include Kevin Ford, company founder and Alex Herbert, company CEO.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Sports Shoes (Fusion) 1/.05 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Sports Balls (Core) 1/.02 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Sports Clothing (Zero) 1/.09 Shares Prices are Unchanging.

Royal University of Jamestown

Vyktory's primary institute of higher education, the Royal University of Jamestown operates campuses across the nation.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Credit Hours 50/Share TBA

VykHydro Energy Corporation

Much of the water which flows down the Knight River to the east of Vyktory is converted to hydroelectric power by the VykHydro Energy Corporation, the nation's largest producer of electricity.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Electricity 1,500kwh/Share TBA
Logo of Drag0n Entertainment Limited.

Drag0n Entertainment Limited (d/b/a Drag0n)

Video game distribution, development, publishing and video game console manufacturing. IPs include N3st (digital distribution service), Drag0n Eggs (video game console) and various development studios. 50% owned by the royal family, 50% publicly owned.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Game Store (N3st) 1/50 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Gaming Console (Drag0n Egg) 1.3/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Computer Mice (Drag0n Clawz) 1/.01 Share Prices are Unchanging.
Computer Headsets (Drag0n Earz) 1/.05 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Computer Keyboards (Drag0n Keyz) 1/.025 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Computer Monitors (Drag0n Eyez) 1/.045 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Logo of Sales Association of Tradingcards for the Young and Rebellious Limited.

Sales Association of Tradingcards for the Young and Rebellious Limited (d/b/a SATYR)

Distributor of trading cards and organizer of trading card game tournaments. Their only IP is Sporting Heroes! but the company also distributes Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon TCG and Vanguard, among other TCGs. Plurality owned by Peter Kingsley, with minor shareholders being Drag0n Entertainment Limited and Tabletop Compendium Limited. The company is also dabbling in using its cardstock for other purposes, such as playing cards and business cards.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Trading Cards 1/.005 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Playing Cards 1/.0025 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Business Cards 1/.0015 Shares Prices are Unchanging.
Logo of Tabletop Compendium Limited.

Tabletop Compendium Limited

Distributor of tabletop role playing games as well as some board games. No IPs of their own, but they distribute products as varied as Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly and Pandemic. Majority owned by Alan Myrtle, who bought most of the shares from the public.

Good/Service Price/Share Price Assessment
Tabletop RPGs 1.25/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Board Games 3/Share Prices are Unchanging.
Dice Games 5/Share Prices are Unchanging.

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 25,000 6.25%
New Zimian War League 0 0%
Region of the Center 0 0%
Region of the East 0 0%
Region of the West 0 0%
New Zimian Temple Authority 0 0%
Wallis Island 0 0%
Domain of the North Antarctic 0 0%
Realm of Bayen 0 0%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 0 0%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 0 0%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 0 0%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 0 0%
Realm of Alphaville 0 0%
Passas 0 0%
Zibertian Societies 0 0%
Zimian Societies 0 0%
Passasian Societies 0 0%
Corum Electric 0 0%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 0 0%
Province of the River Erik 0 0%
Blore Heath 0 0%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 0 0%
Rouge 0 0%
Vaeringheim 0 0%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 0 0%
Florian Republic 0 0%
Corumian Underground 0 0%
Imab Army 0 0%
Hatch Ministry 0 0%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 0 0%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
37.00 PSSC 195,687 20,000 .1 Vyktorian Dollars 100,000 Vyktorian Dollars Heatwave (-20%)