Vulture States

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The Vulture States is the informal collective appellation bestowed upon the dozen or so successor states that arose from the ruins of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in the wake of the Kalirion Fracture.

Notable vultures

Polity Name Coat of Arms Capital Territories Ruling Faction Patrons Notes
Kingdom of Amokolia
  • Absentia
  • Agningas
  • Automatica (claimed)
  • Hyfrost
  • Mishalan (claimed)
  • Olesääd
  • Tsofnland
  • Vattnaland (claimed)
  • Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy
  • Military Council
Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan
Modan and Malarboria CoA.png
  • Lachmodan
  • So-Sara
Elwynnese Republic
Eliria Elwynn Elwynnese Popular Front
Guttuli Protectorate Gatonia
  • Alexandretta
  • Lower Lunaris
  • Musica
Protectorate Military Council Brookshire Chauvinist, Bistur nos Daiunig
Imperial Republic of Shireroth
COA Shireroth.png
Shirekeep (executive)
Fort Kezan (imperial residence)
  • Hawshire-Dura
  • Kezan
  • Shirekeep
  • Shireroth (claimed)
  • Zy-Rodun
Claims to be continuation of the Imperial Republic
Imperial Daemonic Republic of Shireroth
COA Shireroth.png
New North Shirekeep (temporary)
Shirekeep (claimed)
  • Demonsfall (New North Shirekeep)
  • Shireroth (claimed)
Kaiseress Kizzy
The Saints CF
Claims to be continuation of the Imperial Republic
Imperial Verionist Republic of Shireroth
  • Shireroth (claimed)
  • Skyla Islands (controlled)
Kaiser Verion II Claims to be continuation of the Imperial Republic
Republic of Inner Benacia
  • Ś°ecehe Yśehe (West)
  • Łe 'em Yśehe (East)
Former Shirerithian puppet state, in revolt since 1670 AN
Democratic Federation of Sanama Niyi (Nee)
  • Amarra
  • Sanilla
  • Cisamarra
  • Lower Highpass (claimed)
Sanilla and Amarra Liberation Army for Democracy Successful revolutionary movement
Sovereign Confederation of Suthergold and Norestria
  • Suthergold
  • Western Wintergleam
  • Northern Ynnraille (claimed)
Speaker Doir Jen Merah Raspur Pact Self-declared as Protector of Goldshire
Tellian Confederation
TC CoA Temp.png
  • Hither Tellia
  • Thither Tellia
  • Vittorio Vllazërim Fabbri
  • Giuseppe Fossone
City states independent of Shireroth, gained vulture status by occupying the Mandate of Tellia
Unified Governorates of Benacia
UGB Crest.png
  • Benacia Isle
  • Lachmeren
  • Lywall
  • Mishalan (claimed)
  • New Blackstone
Benacia Command Intends to replace Shireroth with a Benacian Commonwealth.
Kingdom of Ransenar
  • Elsenar (claimed)
  • Ran, parts of Ynnraile (Tyrelwynn, Teldrin) (controlled)
Kaiseress Salome
Aims to establish an independent Ransenari Kingdom with an elected monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

Notably dead vultures

Polity Name Coat of Arms Capital Former Territories Ruling Faction Patrons Cause of Death
Boreal Kingdoms Tala Leng, Hyperborea Shadow Witch Council War with Elwynn, conquered
Earldom of Elsenar
Separatist rebellion collapsed into general lawlessness and feudal anarchy. Influence of the Iron Company remains strong in the ports of the region.
Republic of Yardistan Ideological contradictions.