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Kingdom of Voxland
Flag of Voxland
Coat of Arms of Voxland
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Opening theme from Crash Bandicoot: Warped by Mark Mothersbaugh
Location of Voxland
Map versions 17.0.5. - present
Capital Vox (POL), Aleksandrów (MCS)
Largest city Vox (POL), Aleksandrów (MCS)
Official language(s) Common Micran, Common Pollinian
Official religion(s)
Demonym Voxlandish
 - Adjective Voxlandian
Government Absolute monarchy front with the autonomous federation states backbone
 - Queen Aleksandra I Long-tailed
 - Legislature
Establishment 7298 ASC/1674 AN (30 June, 2019)
Area unknown
Population 50000 (simulated)
Active population 1 active citizen
Time zone(s) CET
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum Forum
National animal Skunk
National food
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation VOX

Voxland, (/vɒkslənd/ vox-lahnd), officially the Kingdom of Voxland is a country originating on Pollin, which lately started getting involved on Micras.

Origin and history

Kingdom of Voxland has been created on 30th June 2019, in the Pollin realm, by Filip Vox and Joahim von Ribertrop, first as a Republic, then Kingdom, which it is to this day. In the meantime it's also been a part of the United State of Voxland and Westland, which in turn was a member of the Nordata Federation, federation of states on the pollinian continent of Nordata. With a exception of short rule by her daughter, Justyna, Aleksandra I Long-tailed is the currently reigning monarch since 12th June 2020.

On 6th October 2020 they have claimed a island on the north of Apollonia, formerly known as Floyd Island, and created there a Shogunate of Aleksandrów.


Voxland works under the principle of non miscentur contumeliis; that is, that every part of Voxland creates its own set of laws, which can be about almost anything, provided that they do not break the Constitution or Queen's Decrees. To put it bluntly: unless Her Majesty objects, anything goes. Foreign affairs are a domain of Queen's, though due to the nature of her rule, she may delegate someone to represent her.


Voxland has no country-wide military, although each Shogunate can own their own militia.


It is currently unknown how much sports are valued there, though it is important to note that a Voxland national football team exists.