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Voorwaarts Batavië!

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Voorwaarts Batavië!
Party logo
Leader Alexandra Lucius
Chairman Richard de Montfort
Founded 1669 AN
Headquarters 's Koningenwaarde
Political ideology Batavian Democracy, Social Democracy
Political position Centre
Colours Red (customary)
Blue, Orange
Parliamentary seats
12 / 150

Voorwaarts Batavië!, Common Micrasian: Onward Batavia!, is a Batavian political party that emerged following the ratification of the 1669 constitution. Voorwaarts Batavië! currently has no seats in parliament, having not contested the 1668 election.

The partly is supportive of the current government, and the constitutional and territorial reforms. Current Minister of Foreign affairs, Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez, is a member of the party. The party is also highly supportive of the Batavian Confederation. The party is centrist, and is based on Batavian-democratic principles.

In the 1674 election, the party supported the incumbent Prime Minister, Joachim Mackay. Voorwaarts Batavië! won 74 seats in the Lagerhuis, and became the governing party.

Voorwaarts Batavië! is a sister party of the Liberadosan ruling party, the Partido de Liberación Nacional.