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Type Conglomerate
Industry Manufacturing, raw materials, services
Founded 2019
Headquarters Oldhaven, Florian Republic
Products various

VolksCorp, from People's Corporation is a manufacturing and services company and business conglomerate in the Florian Republic. It was founded in early 2019 by Walter Lindemann. The company's headquarters are located in the city of Oldhaven. Components of VolksCorp are involved in mining, steel manufacturing, electricity, vehicle manufacturing and security services. Currently, due to restrictions placed on Florian industry, VolksCorp's business dealings are in a research phase.

VolksCorp is a subsidiary of the Iron Company and primarily serves the Florian market.

VolksCorp sponsors the football club Celtic FC Oldhaven.

Upon hearing of the inception of this company, the Shirerithian Ministry of the Exterior lodged an investigation into the Volkscorp and the Iron Company to determine whether either of them violated the international peace agreement with Floria, which banned Floria's industrialisation and re-armament.