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Vivienne Géroux

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Vivienne Géroux

Full Name: Vivienne Ivonne Géroux
Alias Vivienne "Vivi" Géroux


Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: White Alexandrian
Hair Color and Style: White
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information

Father: Maurice Géroux (Alexandrian)
Mother: Juliana Vegas (Alexandrian)
Date of Birth: 8.X.1624
Place of Birth: Geneva, Alexandria
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): Roanne, Wechua Nation
Nationality: Wechua Wechua
Allegiance(s): Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
Occupation: Lawyer, economist

Vivienne Ivonne Marie Géroux is an Alduro-Wechua politician, lawyer, and economist. Géroux is known for having been one of the writers of the Proclamation of Punta Santiago, representing the Alexandrian minority in the Wechua Nation. She currently serves as part of the federal executive, the Council of State, as Secretary of the Treasury. She also serves as the Vice Chairwoman of the Coalition for Federal Progress.

Géroux previously held various posts in the Wechua government, mainly as a member of the Investment Commission of the Wechua Nation (1673 AN-1677 AN) and an influential economic advisor to the government of Inkap Rantin Vicaquirao Alvarez. She was a noted antitrust and labor lawyer in Alexandria, later settling in the Wechua Nation. She is a member of the Social Democratic Club, and was a member of the Alexandrian Parti Socialiste during its existence.