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Nation: Freeland
Population: 542 565
Predominant language: Polish

Main roads: A1, DK1, S3, DK3
Major districts: województwo viteńskie

Current mayor: Jakub Baran
Map versions:

Viten is the capital city of Freeland, and home of its President. Viten is a commercial city and is also considered the capital of Freeland sport due to its abundance of teams.

Viten houses the headquarters of Freeland's president, defence minister, prime minister, and finance and bank minister.


Clubs in Viten include KR Viten Sharks, FC Polonia Viten, Red Bear Viten, GKS Viten and Wolf Viten.

The two largest stadiums in Freeland are located in Viten: namely the Viten Arena and the People's Stadium of Jakub Baran.

Other sports objects in Viten:


  • University of Viten
  • Viten school