Visit of Nobunag'an IV of Ralgon to Daocheng

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The Visit of Nobunag'an IV of Ralgon to Daocheng took place on the 14th day of the Sheng month of the 1686th year of the common calendar in the Jingdaoese capital. It was the first state visit of the emperor-emeritus, and the most spectacular visit Daocheng had seen in centuries. The visit was especially illustrious as a parade was held in which 100,000 Jingdaoese soldiers participated, the new Dolstier II tank was first shown to the world, as well as the USSO T86 which was painted in Ralgonese colours for the occasion. The emperor-emeritus himself had thought that he would go on a surprise visit to the capital city of one of Ralgon's closest allies within the USSO, but he had underestimated the cooperation between the Tegong and Ralgonese intelligence services.


  • Arrival of the Emperor-Emeritus on Daocheng West International, welcome speech by the diwang.
  • Trip with the Heavenly Light's personal train to the city centre of Daocheng.
  • Military parade in the city centre of Daocheng where various military innovations are shown.
  • Visit to the Daocheng National Museum where various priceless artefacts are shown.
  • Dinner with the Heavenly Light in the Imperial Palace.
  • Nuclear fireworks over Daocheng. (pending safety reviews)