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Visa requirements in Mercury

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The visa requirements in the Republic of Mercury refer to the right for foreign nationals to enter Mercury and its territories. Although visas are not required for nationals of any country, there are distinctions made between the status of persons whilst they are in Mercury, and occasionally, restrictions are imposed on citizens from some nations.

Free movement vs. unrestricted movement

The majority of nations on Micras are afforded unrestricted movement in Mercury. This means that visitors to Mercury must pass through passport control and customs upon entering the country, and must declare any items over the value of Cr 2,000. Visitors are typically allowed to stay for a maximum of 28 days, however this can be extended to 3 months upon application to the Office of Citizenship and Immigration (OCI).

Citizens of nations afforded free movement may enter the country with just a passport scan, and may stay indefinitely. They are treated, for the purposes of immigration, as residents, and therefore only need to declare goods over the value of Cr 5,000.

Restricted movement

In some cases, the OCI may impose restrictions on certain countries' citizens, with the key difference being that visitors from these nations must notify the OCI of their intention to travel no less than 28 days prior to travel, and do not have the option of extending their visit, however, they are free to apply for resident status.

Resident status

All visitors to Mercury are eligible to apply for resident status, provided there are no less than 14 days remaining of their visit. In order for the application to be successful, the visitor must show proof of employment and have a permanent residence.

Requirements by nation

Nations are only listed in this table if they differ from the standard policy of unrestricted movement.

Country Visa requirement Notes (including departure fees)
Craitland Craitland Free movement
Elwynn Elwynn Unrestricted movement 90 days as standard, extension not necessary
Nova England Nova England Free movement
Senya Senya Free movement
Shireroth Shireroth Restricted movement Reciprocal visa requirement.
Tellia Tellia Free movement