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Travel to Raspur, even by the reckoning of the Raspurids themselves, can be a perilous affair. The Raspurids are infamous for offering "protection" to travellers venturing into the ungoverned territories of the Euran territory, whether travelling east to west or north to south. It goes without saying that the thing they are offering protection from most frequently is themselves. Fees can vary wildly in accordance with the caprices of the protectors, sometimes being as little as a token gift or modest payment or sometimes amounting to a full-scale hostage taking with extortionate ransom demands.

The prudent will, before venturing upon a journey, hire middlemen to establish contact with the Raspur Khanate, so as to receive, for a fee naturally, the Khan's blessing for their endeavour and a letter of introduction and safe-conduct issued under his warrant as a firman or decree. Those bearing a firman sealed by the Khan himself will at least have the assurance that the sovereign's wrath will fall severely upon any of his subject who harm one who is under the protection of the Raspuri state.

Under the liberalising influence of Raspur's Grand Vizier, a number of nations have been granted blanket toleration and protection. This seemingly magnanimous gesture may well have been in an effort to encourage inward investment towards what was hitherto considered a "radioactive and bandit infested hellhole abandoned by the malevolent archons who orchestrated its rise and fall" - to quote one particularly forthright assessment doing the rounds in the Kalgachi foreign affairs bureau.

It is, however, still ill-advised for comely travellers, of either sex, to travel upon the dismal roads and caravan trails of the Euran interior, for the Raspuri pay little heed to the firmans, or passports and letters of safe-conduct even of the Khan himself, if they chance upon one whom they desire and wish to snatch up and carry away as an adornment for their own harem.

Requirements by nation

Country Visa requirement Notes (including special conditions)
Bassarid Empire Bassarid Empire Travel prohibited The Firman of 07.VII.1659 defines the followers of the main Bassarid religion as pagans, effectively prohibiting them from travel to or residence in Raspur.
Birgeshir Birgeshir Visa required
Blepia Blepia Visa required Cats may be confiscated and burned at public fairs in the Raspur Maidan, unless a special exemption fee is paid.
Caputia Caputia Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Coastalis Coastalis Visa required
Constancia Constancia Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria Visa required
Craitland Craitland Visa required
Domolica Domolica Visa required
Eklesia Eklesia Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Florian Republic Florian Republic Visa required
Freeland Freeland Visa required
Gerenia Gerenia Visa required
Hoenn Hoenn Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia Visa required
Jingdao Jingdao Visa required
Juclandia Juclandia Visa required
Kalgachia Kalgachia Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days. Emissaries to the Tumultuous Wastes may be subject to secondary screening on arrival.[1]
Kasterburg Kasterburg Visa required
Krasnarus Krasnarus Visa required
Lostisland Lostisland Visa required
Mercury Republic of Mercury Visa required
Natopia Natopia Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Nova England Kingdom of Nova England Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Pontus Pontus Visa required
Réunion Réunion Visa required
Senya Senya Visa required
Shireroth Shireroth Visa free Inducted into subjectship after 180 days.
Stormark Stormark Visa required
Tellia Tellia Visa required
Treisenberg Treisenberg Visa required
Wechua Wechua Visa required
Xang Muang Xang Muang Visa required


  1. ^ Bitt Perkian Knotty, Chief Emissary to the Tumultuous Wastes, was challenged to a duel with shamshirs and howitzers by the Khanzada, Kūruš Artashata Osman, over some obscure incident in Caputia a few years back.