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Visa policy of Caputia

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The Visa Policy of Caputia refers to the right for foreign nationals to enter Caputia and its territories.

Caputian Residency

Visitors to Caputia are eligible to apply for residency status before the end of a travel visa.

While the current process is not codified, internal practices after the Hammish Civil War led to the establishment of the current system. For eligibility, the visitor must be employed in Caputia and have established residency by purchasing a home, renting a home, or declaring a Caputian citizen as a visa sponsor. A visa sponsor cannot have a criminal record in Caputia, and cannot owe back taxes to the national or local governments. Proposals have been floated to integrate the National Credit System into the criteria for suitable visa sponsors.

Current treaties extend visa-free travel to Caputia to several countries such as Craitland and the Wechua Nation, among others. Sometimes these treaties will include informal understandings between Governments in which Caputian authorities grant residency statuses at much higher numbers. This practice is generally discouraged in order to foster a fairer residency establishment system.

Requirements by nation

Country Visa requirement Notes (including departure fees)
Bassarid Empire Bassarid Empire Travel Prohibited. Travel ban officially enacted, no transit through Caputia to Bassarid destinations or for Bassarid citizens. Bassarid aliens entering Caputia illegally are processed and deported.
Birgeshir Birgeshir Visa Required.
Constancia Constancia Free Movement. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Craitland Craitland Free Movement. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Eklesia Eklesia Visa Required.
Florian Republic Florian Republic Visa Required.
Freeland Freeland Visa Required.
Hoenn Hoenn Visa Required.
Hondon Hondon Visa Required.
Jingdao Jingdao Visa Required.
Juclandia Juclandia Visa Required.
Kalgachia Kalgachia Visa Required.
Kasterburg Kasterburg Visa required after 90 days. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria Visa required after 90 days. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Mercury Republic of Mercury Free Movement. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Nova England Kingdom of Nova England Free Movement. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Krasnarus Krasnarus Visa Required.
Lostisland Lostisland Visa Required.
Natopia Natopia Free Movement. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Old Oil Rig Old Oil Rig Visa Required.
Raspur Raspur Visa Required.
Réunion Réunion Visa Required.
Senya Senya Visa required after 90 days 180 days for students officially registered in a university, college, or educational institution. Valid Identity Papers Required.
Shireroth Shireroth Free Movement Valid Identity Papers Required.
Stormark Stormark Visa Required
Tellia Tellia Visa Required
Treisenberg Treisenberg Visa Required
Wechua Wechua Free Movement Valid Identity Papers Required.
Xang Muang Xang Muang Visa Required

Prime Minister's "Partnership for Prosperity" - corporate programme

As a key part of the programme of the Prime Minister, Royston Merrick, to fund reconstruction and social welfare programmes by leveraging strategic corporate interests, a trial programme began in the 9th month of 1661, whereby the Prime Minister's Office would directly bestow laissez-passers upon individuals for a set period of time for so long as they served a specific purpose in the Caputian national economic interest, overriding typical nationality based requirements.

Laissez-Passer Holder Nationality / Corporate Sponsor Date of Issuance Duration Notes (including purpose of dispensation / services rendered)
Captain Kristina Delamode Kalgachia Kalgachia / OIEC 12.IX.1661 372 days Preliminary assessment of the Caputian Armed Forces' specific requirements for military attire + "cultural immersion period"