Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine

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Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine

Full Name: Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine of Drak
Alias Vadoma


Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Flaventian
Hair Color and Style: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information

Father: Nathan II
Mother: None(clone)
Date of Birth: 25 Blumuar 1671
Place of Birth: Anmutstadt, Natopia
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): Lindstrom
Nationality: Natopian
Allegiance(s): Natopia
Occupation: Student

Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine, is the daughter of Nathan II. Her older brother, Nathan III is the heir to the throne of Natopia. She was the second to be birthed from her artificial womb, technically making her the 2nd oldest of the quadruplets.

Early Life

Vadoma spends most of her time with her elder brother Nathan III. For the sake of dynastic security and succession, the quadruplets do not often live in the same city, or even country. Vadoma and Eli lived together in Anmutstadt and grew up together while their younger siblings, Leonora and John, spent most of their early years in Drakorda.

She is now in 8th grade at Nathan & Elijah College Prep and enjoys theatre and orchestra as extracurriculars.

Dynastic Security

During the Funeral of Kaiser Ayreon IV it was decided that of the four siblings, Vadoma would remain in Lindstrom, as a precaution against unforeseen catastrophic events, terrorism, or assassinations. John had an obligation to be there as King of the Draconians, and Nathan III had an obligation to go as Natopian heir apparent. Of the two sisters, it was decided between Leonora and Vadoma that Leonora should go so she could be with her favorite brother, John. The siblings seem to find a dark humor in the necessity, which is a directive of their father Nathan II, and have been quoted by the media referring to whichever sibling is not present as "the spare."

Full Titles

  • 1671-present Her Imperial Highness, Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine of Drak, Nawab of Hoyela, Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Transcendence of the Dhury, Heir to the Line of Drak, Lady in Jorvik, Lady of the Holy Lakes.