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Countries Birgeshir Birgeshir
Confederation CTFA
Founded 2012
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to none
International cup(s) CTFA Champions' League
FMF Champions' League
Current champions Otaq Röyal FK
Most championships Balkon Göyælær FK
Otaq Röyal FK (3 titles)

The B-Lig, (English: B-League),is the top men's football league in Birgeshir, run by the VFAB. Birgeshir doesn't have cities as it is currently an extra-territorial micronation but it aspires to become territorial at least in a house. For this reason,the eight teams which play in the B-Lig represent some rooms of a common house (like other sport leagues in Birgeshir).

Current format

The league consists of 8 teams, split into two four-team conferences (Day Conference and Night Conference). Each team faces the other teams twice. At the end of the regular season, the team with the highest point total in the overall table (Day + Night Conference) is awarded the Old Shield (which echoes the inaugural season format and the practice of most of the Micras leagues). The regular season is followed by the Conference Finals where the top two teams of each conference play for the Conference Championship one time. At the end of the Conference Finals,the Day and Night champions will face each other in the B-Lig Grand Final (Birgesh: B-lig Büjük Final). The season begins in January and ends in May with games played on Sundays. There is no relegation or promotion system in the league.


The B-Lig was founded in July 2012 after Birgeshir's Micrasian claim was successful. The first season kicked-off on 15 July 2012 with six teams in a round-robin tournament and without Conferences and playoffs. From the second season,the B-Lig introduced two new teams (Öturma FK and Koridor Balan FK) and a new format.


Current teams


Star Badge

Clubs are permitted to place a golden star badge above their crest on their uniforms for every five national championships won.

Flag Patch

The B-Lig Championship title is represented by a waving birgesh flag patch and the winning team will bear it on the uniform in the following season. This is similar to the italian "scudetto".

Old format

Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2012 Vanya Suvan FK Otaq Röyal FK Balkon Göyælær FK

Current format

Year Winners Old Shield Winners
2013 Otaq Röyal FK Vanya Suvan FK
2014 Balkon Göyælær FK Otaq Röyal FK
2015 Otaq Röyal FK Öturma FK
2016 Balkon Göyælær FK Balkon Göyælær FK
2017 Balkon Göyælær FK Öturma FK
2018 Mëzal Birlæşňi FK Otaq Röyal FK
2019 Otaq Röyal FK Otaq Röyal FK