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Birgeshir VFAB
Logo of the VFAB
Founded 2012
FMF affiliation 2012
CTFA affiliation 2012
President Deniz Yürük

The Virtual Football Association of Birgeshir (Birgesh: Virtüel Futbol Assojatsya tæ Birgeşir), more commonly referred to as the VFAB, is the governing body of football in Birgeshir.

The VFAB is responsible for the management of the Birgesh football league (B-Lig) and the organisation of the national team.

The VFAB is a member of the FMF and the CTFA, and its President is Deniz Yürük.


In 2010, Birgeshir had its own virtual football club competing in Italian virtual football leagues, but never had its own football association. A few years later the VFAB was created by Deniz Yürük soon after Birgeshir's Micrasian claim was successful (mid-2012) for the organisation and development of virtual football in Birgeshir, including its flagship B-Lig and the Birgeshir national football team.


The VFAB is responsible for the organisation of the following competition:

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