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Vüqar Rugahi

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Vüqar Rugahi
Vuqar rugahi.png
Szodan of Benacia
In office
11.V.1683 –
Chief of the
General Staff
Herlot bi Merensk
Preceded by Jeremiah Avon-El
Succeeded by Incumbent
Born 1643, Classified
Political Party Nationalist & Humanist Party
Profession Military officer

Vüqar Rugahi (born 6.IX.1634) is the current Szodan of Benacia and Commander-in-Chief of Benacia Command since 11.V.1683. The legitimacy of his rule was greatly enhanced by his victory over Kalgachia in the Inner Benacian Conflict and the subsequent diplomatic victory represented by the Treaty of Gloomburg which established the hegemony of the UGB over Inner Benacia. The prestige, thus acquired, was sufficient to ward off repeated attempts by the Avon-El family to regain the Szodanship in the years after 1684.