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Shyriath in his usual appearance. Not ostentatious at all.
Who's this guy? Totally not Shyriath's alter ego as priest of B'caw.

There is no Shyriath but Shyriath, and he is Shyriath.

He has adopted various surnames over the years, but most consistently he is known as Shyriath Farstrider; for some time previously he was Shyriath Bukolos. Presumably, like all of us, he is also Namvari. When not writing, reading, arting, or playing computer games, Shyriath works as a low-level computer monkey working for the Maryland state government in exchange for money.

He entered into the sector in the first half of 2003, and has intermittently disappeared since then only to return; it could be said that micronationalism is his drug habit which he has never been able to kick. He joined Shireroth initially and remained with it for many years, becoming Kaiser on three occasions (as Mors IV Nerrolar, B'caw I, and then as Mors IV: The Sequel). He played a critical role in the founding of Minarboria, having departed Shireroth in January 2017 to focus on it; it could be argued that his disappearance later that year played an equally critical role in Minarboria's collapse.

Having most lately returned in August 2018, he is currently participating in Kalgachia and is also fiddling around with his own side project, Çeridgul. Because he gots alien dragons and ain't no one gonna stop him.

Orders and Awards


  • Officer of the Legion of Honor (OLH), 669 AF


Dame of the Most Noble Order of the Yoshi
Extraordinary Member of the Black Hole


  • Knight of the Dragon, -46 AF, previously Companion of the Order of the Dragon, -1508 AF, even more previously simply a member of the Order of the Dragon (since time out of mind)
  • Holder of: Red Dragon Award (three times: -2878 AF, 46 AF, 305 AF), Bronze Swan, -1139 AF, Silver Swan, -46 AF, Kaiser's Legal Prize, -9 AF
  • Member of the Order of Utility (MOU), Mar Sara, 143 AF
Member of the Order of Utility



2004 Best Avatar
  • 2004 Award for Best Avatar
  • 2011 Charles Beard Award for Conflict Resolution
  • 2013 Rebecca Panks Award for the Graphic Artz for Gloria Mundi
  • 2014 Award for Literature ("the Jeremy") for the Kaiser Mors IV reemergence storyline


Current Characters

A Selection of Past Characters

  • Shyriath Farstrider, Second State Arborist of Minarboria (probably deceased)
  • Shyriath Landwalker, for a brief period Duke of Kildare (deceased)
  • Shyriath Bukolos, Count of Benacia, at times Count of Sunderspray, Duke of Brookshire and Duke of Yardistan (almost certainly deceased)
  • Pàn Shuānghuā, the Sàohuáng Queen of Tiěyá (probably deceased)
  • Pàn Tiǎomín, the Royal Princess Guāngmíng (probably deceased)
  • Fleurette Elise Jacqueline de Taniere-Gaudin, Warden of Whisperwood and Resector of Sansabury (probably deceased)