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Meep meep.


  • Aasmund Vigeland †, Chairman of Elwynn, Prætor of Landsraad
  • Adam Anushiruwân †, aka Prince Adam Khan of Cabbagefall, killed his mother Noor, killed by his quadruplet brother Aldin.
  • Ander Avon-El, former Prince of Elwynn, currently in house arrest in Leng
  • Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh †,
  • Arn Ayreon-Kalirion †, killed along with Rostam by his quadruplet brother Adam
  • Arviður Andelarjunarbroðir †, Hurmu, Brookshire
  • Balqis Addurasalaam †, from Straits of Barbary, died in Babkhan holocaust
  • Benjamin Ayreon-Kalirion †, died as an infant
  • Cashmaiel Andelarion †, Hurmu leader
  • Daniel Kalirion †, Prince of Elwynn, independence leader, murdered
  • Deimos Jasonides †, Prince of Elwynn, Bovic apostate
  • Esther Ayreon-Kalirion †, murdered by slavers in Stormark, married Hallbjörn.
  • Gjuseppina Vinfetto †, Cisamarrese leader in Sanilla
  • Gunvør of Humlebæk †, mother of Prince Daniel Kalirion
  • Hallgrím Aðalgeirsson †, President of Hurmu
  • Isur-Ai †, ethnic
  • Jalal Jahanbani, lawyer and politician in Elwynn
  • Johanna van der Graaf †, Chairman of Andealaria, sister of Rashid Arsalani
  • Johan Anderion, son of Ander Avon-El
  • Joshua Saint Endellion †, Natopian statesman
  • Juana Beazcoetxea †, Lady Dragonmoor, Alexandrian, later Shirerithian/Natopian politician
  • Kaiser Ayreon (aka Rashid Arsalani, Ric Lyon) †, Babkhan shah, Shirerithian kaiser, prince of Hurmu, etc. Died in suicide.
  • Kaiser Ayreon II † (aka Elijah Ayreon). Elwynnese prince, former kaiser of Shireroth who defected to indy Elwynn. Murdered by Sisera in Walstadt.
  • Kaiser Ayreon III † (aka Prince Jonathan). Son of Esther. Murdered in Jingdao.
  • Kaiser Ayreon IV † (Vidar Ayreon). Shirerithian kaiser.
  • Kaiseress Isa IV † (Elsa Kasandrajon). Shirerithian kaiseress. Died in a heart attack at very old age.
  • Kaiseress Noor †, Shirerithian kaiseress. Murdered by her son.
  • Karmen Joonai †, Lady Cherokee. Killed by the Ribbers.
  • Kaspar Soleimân †, Elwynnese–born Babkhan terrorist. Killed by Babkhans in Elwynn after the Senate hostage crisis.
  • Leila Alidokht †, Babkhan refugee in Safiria. Killed in a bomb. Perpetrator unknown.
  • Li Naomiai, ex-wife of Emperor Zakyyr of Natopia, Regent of Shireroth, now politician in Elwynn
  • Marcus van der Graaf †
  • Mirza Soleimanzadeh †, Babkhan sadist autocrat, son of Kaspar. So sadistic even the Babkhans thought he was too much.
  • Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion †, Prince of Elwynn, Emperor of Natopia. Killed twice. Made blind by Sisera. Finally dissolved into a butter form which was ritually ingested by members of the Bovic congregation.
  • Rai Avon-El †, Elwynnese duke, emo.
  • Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani †, son of Rashid no 1.
  • Rostam Ayreon-Kalirion †, son of Noor, killed by his brother.
  • Sindre Nemnai †, Hurmu leader. Died in the Hurmu genocide.
  • Soreaa Isurui †, Elwynnese author and stateswoman. Killed in an airplane crash (which probably was ordered by either Catavians or Nat-Hums)
  • Spraki Krumsson †, Storish-born lawyer and theologian. Prætor of Landsraad. Died twice. Had a Lich daughter who became kaiseress in her own right.
  • Vilhjalm Kormak †, Hurmu leader, escaped Hurmu genocide to Stormark, died from alcoholism in Leng.